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Make the most of every gallon. Volvo Construction Equipment consistently offers the best products for the job because each piece of equipment has the technology and power that you need to complete every job. Fuel is one of your largest operating expenses; we want to help you protect your bottom line. We are so confident that we back our excavators, articulated haulers, and wheel loaders with a rock-solid Fuel Efficiency Guarantee. Saving fuel means higher profits for your business. Nuss lets you work smarter and harder.

New! Volvo Road Machinery

Introducing Volvo Double Drum Compactors

Big projects demand a big performance and the drum vibration system delivers the power and efficiency required to achieve optimum compaction results. Rely on the advanced drum control systems to deliver a smooth, high quality finish. Our next generation of compactors provide you with a smooth, high-quality finish for ultimate performance while optimizing fuel efficiency. With the superior drum vibration system and high centrifugal force, the C-Series asphalt compactors achieve more work in fewer passes. Unobstructed visibility, operator comfort and auto-reversing eccentrics enhance productivity, making the compactors ideal for large-scale projects

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Volvo delivers powerful and precise paving. The high performance, premium Volvo engine supplies all the power you need to pave the most challenging applications. Experience quality paving at its best with Volvo. Volvo offers you 360° paving visibility. With seats that can be extended beyond the edge of the paver and an unobstructed view of the auger tunnel and hopper – the operator has an excellent view of material flow for ultimate paving quality. Capitalize on industry-leading visibility and see your work from every angle with Volvo pavers.

Your Uptime is Our Priority

At Volvo we’re not just committed to providing you with a quality paver. We know that on a paving job, time means money. And that’s why Volvo has a unique dealer support network to ensure your machine’s uptime. Enjoy maintenance made easy and continuous state-­of-­the-­art support with Volvo.

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Volvo Wheel Loaders

Increase your productivity; find the right fit for your work load and carry operations, civil and building construction, earth moving, waste handling, recycling, landscaping, quarrying, aggregates, block handling, timber yards, agriculture and more.

Volvo Compact Loaders and Loaders include:

  • Safe and comfortable Volvo cabs, allowing the operator to work in confidence and to focus on a productive working day
  • Dependable Volvo engines delivering class-leading fuel economy
  • Outstanding lift capacities, lift height and reach
  • Ease of service, with ground-level access to routine service points, for maximum availability
  • Extensive range of versatile Volvo loader attachments

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Volvo Articulated Haulers

The Volvo articulated hauler chassis is part of a modular system and forms a platform for superstructures, converting the machine into a special purpose vehicle designed for your specific needs. These advanced machines are capable of moving across difficult terrain in the toughest operating conditions. Heavy-duty Volvo frames fit many superstructures, including pipe hauling, forestry/lumber/timber, oil & gas or water transport, concrete mixer, container hauling, hook-lift systems for hauling, flat platforms and ejector bodies. Top benefits of the Volvo Haulers Chassis include:

  • Hauler chassis transport solutions
  • Bolt-on rear frame extensions
  • Optional features you can customize to suit your needs

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Volvo Excavators

You need day-after-day dependability. Volvo Excavators deliver it every time. From small to large, choose the right size machine and go to work: compact, wheeled and crawler excavators

As your trusted excavating partner, your Volvo excavators provide:

  • Industry leading fuel efficiency
  • An ergonomic work environment for operator comfort and safety
  • Safety through the new design Volvo Care Cab
  • Quality with its built to last undercarriage, reinforced superstructure, and proven components
  • Environmental friendliness - low emission levels, low noise and more than 95% of the machine is recyclable

Compact Excavators

Big on features, protection and reliability. Excellent visibility and operator comfort combined with efficient Volvo engines for increased productivity.

  • More machine uptime thanks to easy access service points.
  • Precise and progressive movements thanks to levers and travel pedals managed by hydraulic servo controls.

Wheeled Excavators

When you need flexibility and digging performance, Volvo’s wheeled excavators can get anything from general construction to utility jobs done.

  • Efficient with high travel speed and a smooth ride
  • Faster cycles thanks to load sensing hydraulics and high torque swing motor

Crawler Excavators

For your biggest quarrying, mining, road building and general construction jobs, use a Volvo Crawler Excavator.

  • Save time with simplified service intervals
  • Keep the operator informed, comfortable and in control with easy-to-read color LCD display, multi-adjustable seat and joystick, and rear view camera
  • High breakout and crowding force is supported by an advanced hydraulic system that enables smooth, responsive digging and lifting.

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Volvo Pipelayers

Volvo gives oil & gas pipeline contractors a new lift with a revolutionary line of excavator based pipelayers. From the pipe yard to the trench, Volvo pipelayers deliver a competitive edge in even the most demanding conditions - not only in the oil & gas industry.

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Volvo Waste Handlers

Waste handling presents extreme challenges: dust, corrosion, debris and high temperatures in tight quarters. Knowing these demands Volvo offers the most comprehensive waste handler packages on the market: Be it a landfill, a transfer station or a recycling center, Volvo waste handlers get the job done in a wide range of tough applications - with more uptime, productivity and safety.

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Skid Steer Loaders

When you need to haul earth, cut trenches, dig postholes, palletize material, brake concrete or get any number of challenging jobs done, a Radial lift skid steer or Vertical lift skid steer loader machine. Volvo skid steers are one of the most versatile machines on the jobsite.

Features include:

  • Easier and safer cab access through the side entry door thanks to the single loader arm design.
  • Unmatched visibility on all sides due to the sturdy single loader arm design.
  • Spacious ROPS/FOPS cab designed with operator's comfort and ease-of-use in mind.
  • Clean, efficient, and powerful Volvo supported engines.
  • Large rear door and forward tilting cab provide simple access to all service and key maintenance items.

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